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Here I offer a cd containing high resolution scans produced from a few  photos and documents ( 28 photos , 14 scans of paperwork ) , that belonged to Captain John Cowperthwait Stevens .( later rose to rank of Colonel ) .

John graduated as a USAAF pilot in August 1942 ...he spent the majority of his service as an instructor in advanced training school at Spence airfield , Moultrie , Georgia USA

Fairchild PT-19 trainer planes lined up at Spence airfield 194252 months instructor in advanced flying school 1054-SE pilot

7 months 1055 SE fighter pilot training and operational .

There are 6 photos of Fairchild PT-19 mono plane primary training planes . plus another 5 photos with planes ...including at least one with fighters in Japan .

There is a photo taken a Bofu airfield Japan , captioned as being where kamikaze pilots were trained ...there are several uniformed photos of John and friends . A few photos of Japanese locals, a photo showing a bomb damaged railway station in Japan  ..and an aerial photo taken above a Japanese airfield in 1945 . There is also an enlarged war time low res copy photo showing men standing in front of B-29B " for the Luvva Mike " nose art ...20th AF Guam dated 1945. 

This is far from being my largest / best quality grouping of images , but may be of value to people interested in the period .

  If you would like a copy of this cd for £6 ( freepostage ) paying via paypal ..pleae click here .... 


ww2 USAAF Pilots on Fairchild PT-19 mono plane trainer at Spence airfield Georgia