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German sailors WW2  photo album . Served with the Italian Navy 1941-1942


Here I offer CD containing 175 high resolution 1200 dpi scans  produced from an original photo album. ( in addition there are also scans of the album pages which show the captions which are alongside the photos) .

The album mainly dates to 1941-1942 , it belonged to a German sailor who served with the Italian navy . There are many nice photos of the man and fellow sailors , both German & Italian .

There are a good number of deck photos ...and many photos of Italian Warships ...those named include the following . Raimondo Montecuccoli , Bartolomeo Colleoni , Armando Diaz, Antonio Pigafetta , Littorio, Malocello, Camicia Nera , Alberto di Giussano, Aviere , Giovanni da Verrazzano, Alvise Da Mosta .

  Other photo include Panzers on a transport ship and a u-boat .

  An interesting collection of photos which offer a snapshot into this mans wartime experience  .

    If you would like a copy of this cd for £6 ( free postage ) , paying via paypal ..please click here ..