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Here I offer a Cd containing 136 high resolution scans produced from a newly acquired original photo album . All of them relate to one mans service in the Vietnam war .

Jean ( John ) H .Barriault served in the US Army 1 feb 1965 - 7 June 1974 ...he was in Vietnam 1968 -69 & then again 1970 - 71 . There are a couple of early newspaper clippings  ( Waltham News tribune Mass. ) with him pictured , dated 1965 & 1966 which it states he did his basic training at Fort Jackson and then went on to train to be a paratrooper . Over 70% of the photos are our man / fellow soldiers with tanks & armoured vehicles etc  ...I suspect he was a gunner at this time . One photo shows him with a helicopter machine gun . There are many of him on and around tanks / armoured vehicles .

There are a fair number of photos of a heavy mobile bridge vehicle with 'flowerpower' fancy writing on the side  ,we see two lads at work painting this artwork and they seem clearly pleased with their efforts . Two photos show a  flame thrower in action ( some poor unfortunate soul is standing out there ) . There are several  original photos of soldiers with brightly dressed Buddhist monks . One photo shows a chinook helicopter lifting a smaller damaged heliocopter . Another a chinook landing at a makeshift army camp . There are photos showing a slightly more permanent base . A few photos of soldiers with locals . I really struggled when choosing which 12 listing photos to select ..there are at least 50 which would have made good listing images ,so many armour photos in this album .

These original and unpublished photos give a great feel for this mans time out there and the condition of the US army in this terrible conflict . A later photo of Barriault shows him in dress uniform with sargeants strips and lots of ribbons on his chest ...the chap I bought this album from stated Barriault was unfortunate enough to receive 4 purple hearts !?! I suspect he many bloody battles  .and his comrades experienced .



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