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WW2 Photo album . Belonged to James Parr of RAF 45 Squadron . Covers service in India an Burma .


  Here I offer a DVD containing 160 high resolution scans ( 1200 dpi ) produced from a RAF airmans photo album .

James Parr of RAF 45 Squadron James Parr served with 45 squadron in India and Burma during WW2 . Images of note within the album include , 3 photos showing a crash landed Stirling bomber / transport plane of 46th squadron .

RAF 45 Bomber squadron Insignia     Around 15 photos showing Mosquitoes of 45th squadron ...of these a couple show whole planes with squadron codes . a Mossie in flight , 3 photos show many men on and around Mosquitoes posing ( one of these posed shots was taken on VJ Day ) , crashed Mossie , other photos show "repairs to planes before raids" ...wheel changes and "retraction tests".

There are photos of Parr with fellow members of 45 squadron ...many other photos show places visited and the local people .

I have also added a couple of scans of his Airman's service paybook.

Photo of members of RAF 45 Squadron posing in front of WW2 Mosquito                                              If you would like a copy of  this DVD for £10 ( freepostage ) paying via paypal ..please click of paypal button


Photo of RAF 45 Squadron Mosquito