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WW2 Parachute Regiment photo album ..1944 -1946 .6th Airborne 


photo of WW2 British paratroopersHere I offer a DVD containing 210 high resolution scans (1200 dpi) , produced from an original photo album .The album belonged to a British soldier who served with 6th airborne Parachute regiment . The album covers service in Europe 1944-45 and them in 1946 service in Palestine .

The photos are taken by the soldiers not professional images . British soldiers were not permitted to carry cameras into battle , so there are no combat images . 

Unfortunately , the album is not well captioned . There is a good group photo taken at Bulford camp in 1944 shortly before departure to Europe , a photo of the first mass drop at Salisbury Plain . Other photos taken in Belgium ,HQ Ardennes , France , Holland , Germany , Baltic Sea Wismar and then plenty in Palestine and Israel .

Photo of British Parachute regiment Jeep



Approximately 30photos show Jeeps and a further 100 uniformed photos . The same faces are seen in many the images ...real Band of Brothers stuff !

      To buy a copy of this disc for £10 ( free postage ) , paying via paypal , please click on the  payal tab .