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Here I offer a cd containing 81 high resolution scans ( 1200dpi ) , produced from a recently acquired original WW2 photo album .

photo of German soldierThe album appears to have belonged to an army driver who is seen throughout the album . The album seems to cover the period 1940-1941.

I believe the majority of the photos were taken during service in Russia , although a few may have been taken in Poland and Balkens

There are photos of army trucks / military ambulances , Knocked out tanks , German Panzer, motorbike ,  3 photos show our man posing on a large Soviet heavy bomber Tupolev TB-3 , 2 photos have him posing in front of a luftwaffe stuka . other photos include several photos of Jewish refugees shows Jewish locals loaded onto a truck and another shows a man with star of David arm band being worn .

There are also several photos showing German war graves / cemeteries and other photos show destruction to buildings /towns .

An interesting album giving a glimpse into this mans war time experience . To buy a copy of this cd for £6 (free postage ) paying via payal , please click below.